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Access your knowledge base through your customer relationship platform to provide customer support

Access your Document360 knowledge base articles from Salesforce

Improve your customer and agent satisfaction by utilizing your knowledge base articles to provide better customer experience. Empower your customer support agents to provide accurate responses to your customer support tickets. Offer your customers a personalized support experience.

App highlights

Intuitive interface Quick search Article creation

Why Document360 app?

  • Easy setup and integration with API keys
  • Access your knowledge base articles
  • Create knowledge base articles from Salesforce
  • Perform quick search for support articles
  • Answer your customer queries effectively

Access knowledge base articles from Salesforce

Document360 app provides users of Salesforce application to search for any knowledge base articles using powerful search engine. Customer support agents can also browse all contents of their knowledge base to assist any support tickets.

Share your knowledge base articles with other platforms

Links to Document360 articles can be shared in customer support responses and helps to resolve your customer issues and at the same time this maximize support agents’ productivity.

Create knowledge base articles from Salesforce

For any knowledge gaps that exist in your knowledge base, customer support agent can create and publish knowledge base articles in Document360.

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Here is how you configure and use Document360 app in Salesforce

  1. Login to your Salesforce account
  2. Go to Salesforce app exchange and search for “Document360”
  3. Click on “Get It Now” button
  4. Click “Confirm and Install” button and you are ready to go

For a more elaborate integration setup instructions, check out our handy installation guide.