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Internal knowledge base

Collect and store all your corporate knowledge in a repository for knowledge dissemination. Suitable for distributing information about internal programs, projects, and policies to internal teams and external partners securely.

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Internal knowledge base

of employees find it difficult to obtain accurate information from their colleagues.


of employees’ time is wasted in searching for the right information.


of employees believe that knowledge retention is important for organizational growth.

Benefits of internal knowledge base

Help your internal teams to collaborate and share knowledge effectively across your organization.

Boost employee productivity

Use your internal knowledge base to provide accurate and timely corporate information.

Improved Collaboration

Empower your employees to collaborate by sharing knowledge across teams.

Effective communication

Provide absolute clarity on internal business processes, company policies and projects.

Informed decision-making

Empower executives to make quick and informed business decisions.

Drive innovation

Nurture employee creativity and inspire them to document novel ideas.

Tactit knowledge

Retain employees’ experiential knowledge and enhance business continuity.

Employee handbook

  • Share company policies and generic information across organization.
  • Helps with employee onboarding to be help new hires to be productive.
  • Inspire employees to learn continuously and improve their competency.
  • Support your employees to minimize their learning curve.
Employee handbook

“With our rapidly expanding company and clients, we needed a knowledge base documentation host for our clients. Document360 stood out as an exemplary product and easy to use. It is a necessary tool for any growing company.”

– Michael Hogan, Training and Documentation Lead, UrVenue

Private documentation

  • Share the corporate knowledge with your trusted partners through secured login.
  • Mitigate the business risk of information leakage via restricted access.
  • Protect your intellectual property for business competitive advantage.
  • Keep your proprietary knowledge safe and secure.
Private documentation

10,000+ people from 80 countries building better customer experiences with Document360

  • Duke University
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  • Upstart
  • Viva Wallet

Knowledge repository

  • Break knowledge silos and centralize corporate knowledge.
  • Provide clarity about business processes and service procedures.
  • Create one source of truth that is trust-worthy and authorized.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing culture among your employees.
Knowledge repository