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Design and automate documentation workflow process. Empower content producers to produce high-quality content that exceeds customer expectations.


Fueling Knowledge bases for companies like

  • McDonald's
  • Stackify
  • Virgin Red
  • Harvard
  • Mambu

Workflow designer

  • Fully configurable and customisable to your business process.
  • Setup your documentation workflow and assign workflow status.
  • Tweak workflow status to be edit and read-only modes.
Workflow designer

Workflow assignment

  • Assign workflow status to any articles.
  • Assign an owner for workflow status and set due date.
  • Workflow status can be applied to different article versions.
Workflow assignment

Document360 workflow feature helps us to manage the peer-review and approval process easily. This has helped us provide feedback and be more productive.”

– Elsa Tolsma, Technical Writer, Cenosco.


  • Able to filter articles based on workflow status.
  • Bulk operations to update workflow status in bulk.
  • Able to prioritise overdue workflow tasks.