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Proven Technical Writers

What do the top technical writers know that you don't?

Every week, we interview the brightest minds in the technical documentation space and bring you world class learnings around enriching your Product and Technical Documentation skills.

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Knowledge Base Ninjas Podcast - Document360
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Gowri Ramkumar - Knowledgebase Ninjas Host

The host of Knowledgebase Ninjas

Gowri Ramkumar,

Customer Success at Document360

Hi there,

I’m the host of this podcast and I head the customer success team at Document360.

Working with 1000’s of technical document writers as part of my customer success role at Document360 brings a wealth of information around Product and Technical Documentation, Knowledgebase Ninjas is our attempt to channel that knowledge to the wider community.

If you are interested to participate in the interview, please reach us.

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