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Customer Spotlight

Our successful customers love Document360 for what it offers and we love them back for choosing us. Here are a few special testaments of their love for Document360.

Document360 Customers

After reviewing a dozen knowledge base products, Document360 was the clear winner. Their amazing markdown editor and SEO features were unrivaled.

Matt Watson,

CEO, Stackify,

We’ll help you import your current content into Document360 — while preserving categories and formatting. Log in and find everything organized just as it was in your previous platform.

“Document360 has given us the customizability of a static site generator without the development, upkeep, or learning curve!”

– Dustin Smith – Technical Writer, Mambu


Of consumers say easy access to support and information can make them fall in love with a brand.


Of businesses estimate that effective knowledge management disciplines increase company productivity by up to 40%.


Of companies offering web or mobile self-service have seen an increase in their website traffic.

“I already went in and with no training or tutorials was able to create a custom main page in about 8 minutes … a good sign of nice design by the Document360 team”

– One of our prospect’s first time experience with Document360

Trusted knowledge base product for the leaders in their markets