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Provides rich analytics to help content producers get actionable insights. Insights empowers content producers to make data-driven decisions.


Fueling Knowledge bases for companies like

  • McDonald's
  • Stackify
  • Virgin Red
  • Harvard
  • Mambu

Why do you need this feature?

Document360 provides insights on geography, performance, search, team accounts, feedback, links status, page not found and ticket deflector. Geography, performance and team accounts analytics helps with assessment of content writers in producing high-quality content. Search and Feedback analytics helps to address knowledge gaps in your knowledge base.

Links status and Page not found analytics helps with enriching your knowledge base site’s user experience. Ticket deflector analytics helps with measuring the impact of your knowledge base in deflecting your customer support tickets.


  • Provides insights about content consumers’ geographic region.
  • Helps to write contextual content for your target audience.
  • Understand content consumption growth over time.


  • Allows to gauge performance of your knowledge base articles.
  • Empowers content writers to focus on non-performing articles.
  • Understand different types of content consumption categories.


  • Find out popular search keywords.
  • Enables content writers to create new content based on no result searches.
  • Offers insights into search volumes over time.


  • Gauge the pulse of your content consumers.
  • Act on content consumer’s feedback.
  • Focus your efforts on articles that need attention.

Links status

  • Tracks down broken web links in your knowledge base articles.
  • Actionable insights to fix broken web links.
  • Helps to identify and fix bad user experience.
Links status

Third-party analytics integrations

  • Integrate with popular analytics apps.
  • Combine in-built insights with third party analytics.
  • Use your own custom analytics scripts.
Third-party analytics integrations

Team accounts

Helps to understand the contribution of content producers and track the productivity of the documentation team.

Ticket deflector

Quantify the effort of how knowledge base is enabling customers to self-serve and deflect the customer support tickets.

Page not found

Analyse and monitor the visits to obsolete or non-existent knowledge base article and apply article redirection rules.

Whatfix utlized Document360 analytics capabilities and has also configured Google Analytics integrations to gather data on their documentation site performance and user behaviour to improve user experience.”

– Nibu Thomas, Director – Information Developer Group, Whatfix.