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Increase your knowledge base ranking in popular search engines. Position your knowledge base content to attract right customers with good article snippets in search engine results. Drive organic traffic to your knowledge base.

Ticket Deflector

Fueling Knowledge bases for companies like

  • McDonald's
  • Stackify
  • Virgin Red
  • Harvard
  • Mambu

On page SEO

  • Capture your customers attention with apt article meta description and title .
  • Ability to add right search keywords as part of your article slug.
  • Freedom to choose what articles need indexing by search engine.
On page SEO

Technical SEO

  • Manage search engine crawler activities on your knowledge base site.
  • Submit your sitemap to focus on important contents.
  • Optimize your knowledge base site content using category manager.
Technical SEO

Stackify used Document360 SEO features to position its documentation site in the top of search engine results for targeted keywords.”

– Matt Watson, CEO, Stackify.

Automatic meta generation

  • Automatically generate optimal article meta description.
  • Effortlessly generate meta description for many articles in bulk.
  • Manage article title and meta description effectively.
Automatic meta generation

User Experience

  • Apply article redirection rules to fix links to obsolete contents.
  • Utilise links status analytics to fix broken links for boosting SEO ranking.
  • Maximise user experience and search engine ranking.
User Experience