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How to enable in-app assistant in knowledge base

Document360 Knowledge base assistant delivering in-app help to the right customer at the right time. The Knowledge Base Assistant helps your users find the answers they need without ever leaving your site or application. You can Customize the look and feel of the Knowledge base assistant with custom fonts, colour, launcher icon to perfectly resemble your SaaS app or website. With the Domain restriction feature restricts the knowledge base assistant appear on listed domains, Eg: if a project member wants to install the Knowledge Base assistant on a different domain, they will need to add that domain in order for the assistant to display.

With Knowledge base assistant, users are benefited in many ways:

  • End-users can refer your knowledge base articles withing the app or webpage to avoid unnecessary switching.
  • Easy to access immediate support.
  • By adding a custom link to the Assistant, you can send an end-user the page you want them to be.

Here is an elaborate setup guide for you to refer to –  Knowledge base assistant

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